Love Wins.

“I believe you and me are sisters and brothers. And I believe that we’re made to be here for each other. And we’ll never fall if we stand hand in hand, put a world that seems broken together again. And I, I believe in the end, love wins.” ~ Love Wins by Carrie Underwood

These lyrics are so powerful because it’s true. In the end, love wins. In the beginning, love won. In ALL circumstances, love will win. In a world that seems so broken right now because of a lack of faith, division in political opinions and beliefs, brokenness within families, and everything else going on, love can win. Love can put the pieces back together, it can restore our faith, it can bring unity, and it can bring healing/restoration. Love doesn’t ignore a situation, it just focuses on the person rather than the circumstances.

Love is not just a word or a feeling, it’s an action. Love acts and love wins. I’m not talking about acting on a political situation, that’s for another conversation. I’m talking about truly making your actions speak louder than your words. Build your brother up rather than tear him down, even if he doesn’t have the same opinions as you. Tell a sister she’s beautiful, even if you’re envious of her. Don’t let a difference of opinion divide a friendship or family. Serve those around you. Share the love of Christ with them.

“For even Jesus did not come to be served but to serve and to give His life as a ransom for many.” (Mark 10:45) This is how love won in the beginning – it started with Jesus and now Jesus is the ultimate example of how to live so that love can win in the present.

Imagine if we lived the rest of 2020 trying to be imitators of Christ, trying to serve our brothers and sisters, stopped being divided over a difference of beliefs, and started truly loving others. It could change the whole trajectory of this year. This is why my challenge to you is to take that step and to truly live your life in love. Live every day looking for ways to love people. It will change your life. It will change other’s lives. Let love win.

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