Life is like a Corn Maze

Last weekend I went through two corn mazes with some friends – one on Friday and one on Sunday. The one on Sunday is the one God used to give me the inspiration to write this post. We went through it in the dark and I was in the lead for most of it. The ground was not flat at all and I decided to go through most of it without using the flashlight on my phone (maybe not the greatest idea as I’m looking back on it). So, as I’m walking through it and trying to decide which way to go when we hit a fork in the path, I’m also twisting my ankle in holes in the ground or tripping over giant dirt piles and trying to warn my friend I was with every time this happened so she didn’t do the same thing. On top of this, we get super lost and are literally walking in circles in this maze (which makes it more fun, right?). Finally, as we only have about 40 minutes left before the fall festival we were at closes, some employees started asking us if we need to be pointed towards the exit. At first we said no but then we started taking small clues from them to at least head in the right direction. Towards the end, one of the employees told us to “just keep walking straight and you’ll find the exit.” So that’s what we did and sure enough, we found the exit! I can say with almost absolute certainty that we would not have found that exit if the employee hadn’t told us to keep walking straight because I thought for sure we needed to keep turning. 
I realized this is really how life is. We’re going through a maze of twists and turns, bumps and holes, and sometimes we’re not expecting what comes next. Sometimes we fall in a hole or we trip on a bump, sometimes we don’t know which turn to take, but eventually we find the finish. The best way to have gone through that corn maze and find the end would’ve been to use a flashlight so we stopped tripping and to walk straight like the employee said. In life, if we use the Word of God as the light to our path (Psalm 119:105) and continue to walk towards Him, life won’t be easy but we may stop tripping so much and it would be easier to know which direction to go. 
We found the finish at the corn maze and we’ll eventually reach the finish of our earthly life but it’s how we get to that point that’s what matters. Are we walking towards Christ and showing other people the path toward eternity with Him? Are we using His Word to help us live our every day life and make decisions? If we aren’t, then it just takes one step to turn back around and start walking towards him, He’s waiting with open arms. 

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